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Correct treatment begins from a right diagnosis.

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Hygiene – Periodontology

For maintaining the health oral cavity, to avoid the caries, gingival inflammation and its complications, it’s necessary to keep the full-fledged hygiene, for what only home care is not enough.

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Therapeutic direction includes treatment of tooth diseases, as well restoration and aesthetic treatment.

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Orthopedic stomatology serves for diagnostics and treatment of infringement of maxillofacial integrity.

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Teeth extraction – operations of the oral cavity for the patients are related to the great stress, following from this our clinic offers quite new operational block.

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General anesthesia

Treatment is possible not only by the local anesthesia, but under the general anesthesia.

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Treatment of lower jaw joints

Is served for diagnostics of dysfunction of lower jaw joints and treatment of joint clicking and tension.

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Teaching is ongoing by the state residential program, as well by the short-term training courses and towards the permanent professional training.

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